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The Russian foreign ministry presented a political summary of 2015. Writing about the deterioration of relations with the entire EU, it stressed the importance of relations with “more realistic” countries. In an interview with Dr. Paul Kowal of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polskie Radio inquired what realism means to Russia’s diplomats.

The Russian foreign ministry pointed out that the relations with the EU remained hostile due to the “politicized course for a confrontation with Russia” selected by the EU in the context of the events in Ukraine,

The constant Russian policy doctrine does not respect the EU as an organization that has a legal personality. This means that Russia “sees” only some EU countries with which it is willing to cooperate and have individual relationships. These include countries such as France, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Greece and Cyprus.

Russia has long been trying to divide the community. However, in the case of sanctions imposed on Russia, the EU has been extremely consistent. The union unanimously had extended the sanctions for another six months.

But this does not mean that some countries will not align their policies and interests with Russia.

Listen to the Polish podcast of this story below

Rosyjski MSZ przedstawił polityczne podsumowanie roku 2015. Pisząc o pogorszeniu stosunków z całą Unią Europejską, podkreślił znaczenie relacji z “bardziej realistycznymi” krajami. Jednocześnie dodaje, że stosunki z UE pozostawały zakładnikiem wybranego przez Wspólnotę, w kontekście wydarzeń na Ukrainie, “upolitycznionego kursu na konfrontację z Rosją”. Stała doktryna rosyjskiej polityki polega na tym, żeby nie respektować Unii Europejskiej jako organizacji, która ma osobowość prawną.

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