"U talking to me" interview with Guy Verhofstadt, April 2014 / Euranet News Agency

Guy Verhofstadt is a busy man

Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, the Liberal candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, has launched his European election campaign. During the Euranet Plus weekly show “U Talking to Me?” in Strasbourg on Tuesday (15.04.2014), he admitted to having a very intense life at the moment. He distanced himself from the … [Continue]

Morten Løkkegaard at "U talking to me" interview / Euranet Plus News Agency

Feeling European?

Danish liberal Morten Løkkegaard, Vice-Chair of the European Parliament's Culture and Education Committee, explained in the Euranet Plus weekly show “U talking to me?” that history and common values are part of our European identity and this should be taught at school already. He stressed that culture is essential - and nothing that a … [Continue]

Meeting on Central African Republic / Flickr / President of the European Council / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

EU, Africa search for solutions to CAR humanitarian crisis

The European Union - under France’s leadership - has organized a mini-summit in Brussels on the humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic, where war has broken out for religious and ethnic reasons. Wednesday's summit (02.04.2014) involved 13 EU and 12 African countries which play a major role in the crisis. Marek Brzezinski, Polish … [Continue]


Citizens’ Corner debate on freedom of movement in the EU

Ten years ago the European Union adopted a directive guaranteeing the right of citizens of the EU to move and reside freely within the member states. This directive brought together the piecemeal measures found in the complex body of legislation in force up to that date. This delivers freedom, security and justice beyond internal borders. But … [Continue]

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the EC, in events celebrating the Global Safer Internet Day 2014 / ec.europe.eu

EU and the internet: Beauty and the beast?

The European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes will launch a Youth Manifesto on how to make a better internet. This year the Safer Internet Day was celebrated not only in Europe, but for the first time also around the world, including the US and in over 100 countries, under the theme "Let's create better internet together". But how safe … [Continue]

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Citizens’ Corner


Citizens’ Corner debate on freedom of movement in the EU

Ten years ago the European Union adopted a directive guaranteeing the right of citizens of the EU to move and reside freely within the member states. This … [Read More...]

Recent audios

Europe on tour April 16, 2014

Europe on tour: Are these European elections going to be more democratic?

The European Parliamentary elections will take place across the continent in just over a month. Are these elections going to be more democratic than the previous ones? And how are the election … [Continue]

Margrete Auken at the plenary session week 16, 2014, on reducing the consumption of lightweight plastic carrier bags / European Union 2014 EP

European Parliament votes to reduce plastic bag use by 80%

In its last plenary session ahead of the EU election in May, the European Parliament on Wednesday (16.04.2014) voted to dramatically reduce the use of plastic bags in the European Union by 2019. NGOs … [Continue]

Vote on the Single Resolution Mechanism at the European Parliament / European Union 2014 - EP

Big EU banks under the eyes of a ‘central policeman’

The European Parliament approved on April 15 the creation of a new authority and a fund for failing banks. Legislators managed to reach agreement about the missing elements of this so-called banking … [Continue]

José Bové during "U talking to me" interview with Euranet Plus / Euranet Plus News Agency

Sleepy European election campaigns?

Asked to give his opinion on the first presidential debate between the Social Democrat's main candidate, Martin Schulz, and his conservative opponent, Jean-Claude Juncker, on April 9, French member … [Continue]

Berlin, work in progress / Flickr / Armando G Alonso / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

European tech startups draw international audience

The world's biggest TechStartupJobs Fair is coming to Berlin on May 14. TechStartupJobs runs a job board for startups within Techmeetups’ 21 global tech communities with more than 11,000 members, … [Continue]

Luca Parmitano on Expedition 36 Preflight / Flickr / NASA HQ PHOTO / CC BY-NC 2.0

Astronaut to be ambassador for Italian EU presidency

"I want to be the ambassador of a Europe without borders," said Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano at his first press conference in Rome after his six-month space mission last year. Parmitano has been … [Continue]

Amazon UK warehouse / Flikcr / D K / CC BY-NC 2.0

Croatians fight discrimination by UK-based online vendors

The European Commission will actively work to promote consumers' awareness of their rights in some member countries, including Croatia. This is the response that Viviane Reding, EU commissioner … [Continue]

Androulla Vassiliou at the conference 'Preparatory Action: Culture in EU External Relations' / ec.europa.eu

One Week in Europe: Renewable energy, ‘soft power’ and migrants

As Hungarians went to the polls this week, talk in Brussels was focussed on support for Europe’s renewable energy sector and the role of culture in the EU’s diplomatic relations. And in Italy, a … [Continue]

Piggy bank with stethoscope / Flickr / DG EMPL / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

EU gender pay gap: Women still lag behind

The gender pay gap has slightly decreased in the EU, by 1 percent over the past three years. However, a look behind these figures shows that the situation of women's salaries compared to men's has not … [Continue]

EUUnplugged - Rap in parliament #battle4yourvote / twitter.com/HappyVoting

MEPs rap the vote in European Parliament

To attract young voters and convince them to take part in the upcoming EU elections in May, the European Parliament organised a political rap battle in Brussels on Wednesday night (10.04.2014). Youth … [Continue]